Andy Merrifield PhD. Professor Emeritus in Political Science, Sonoma State University

Education: Earned a PhD in Political Science at UC Davis, an MA in Political Science in political science at Sonoma State University, an MA in history from Portland State University, a BA in history at Oregon State University. Also studied at the graduate level and post-doctoral at UC Santa Barbara, University of MIchigan, The Ohio State University and Worcester College, Oxford University.

Professional Work: Andy Merrifield served on the faculty at Sonoma State University for thirty plus years in the Political Science Department. During his tenure there he taught courses in various aspects of US government, including American politics, the US presidency, state and local government, and legislative politics. This is not an exhaustive list. He also taught courses in political theory, methodology and public administration. He served as coordinator of the graduate program in public administration, and two terms as chair of the political science department. Andy guest lectured on numerous related issues in departments including mathematics, English, kinesiology, and art. Again, not an exhaustive list. He also participated in the university’s War and Peace Lecture Series for about twenty-five years concentrating on the relationship between democracy and secrecy. He served as chair of the faculty, the academic senate, and on several committees in faculty governance on a host of issues. He also spent years as president of the faculty union on campus and as a statewide vice president for the union for several terms. While with the union he served on the collective bargaining committee for the statewide organization including about five years as bargaining committee chair. He also taught course at Santa Rosa Junior College in history and political science for about fifteen years.

Additional Related Activities: In addition to his work on campus and the CSU system, he also was a frequent speaker to organizations and at public events, on political matters from local politics to international issues. He further gave countless interviews etc on all forms of media, print, radio and television locally, regionally and nationally.

In his retirement he continues to work with various organizations on issues dealing education, workers rights and elections.